Audit & Assurance     Taxation
Our audit methodology is based on International Standards on Auditing (ISAs) and is tailored to suit the size and business environment of our clients. It focuses in understanding the business and risks of our clients in an effective and cost efficient manner. Our paperless working file system contribute significantly to the efficiency of our work.


Statutory audit in accordance with ISA
Assistance in the preparation of financial statements in accordance with
Internal audit services
Special purpose audits
IFRS consultation
Our team has the necessary resources and knowledge that enable them in assisting our clients to minimize their tax exposure and meet all compliance requirements. Pro-active approach and proper tax planning is our main focus.



Corporate tax consulting
Personal tax consulting
Tax opinion reports
Tax compliance services
Indirect tax services




  NZ Audit Limited is equipped with the necessary experience and know how to provide its clients with advisory services in respect of business strategic planning, financial management and human resource management.     Through our selected network of professional corporate service providers we can offer you company formation along with management and domiciliation services.