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Cyprus Company Disollution

    12 November 2015


Cyprus Tax Amendments

    Immovable Property Tax


Tax Diary 2015

  We would like to inform you that following the recent amendment to the Immovable Property Tax Law, the deadline for paying the immovable property tax for 2015 is extended from 30 September 2015 to 31 December 2015.


  If the tax liability is settled by 1 December 2015  via the internet or at a licensed banking institution, a 20% discount will be granted for settling the full amount of tax due. In case the tax due is paid by 1 December 2015 through the Tax Department Offices, a 17,5% discount will be granted.


Cyprus international business enviroment and tax favourable system

    It should be noted that, if the tax liability is not settled by the due date of 31 December 2015, an additional 10% charge will apply on the tax due plus interest and administrative fines provided for by law.


Intellectual property



Tax losses and group relief



Back to back financial arrangement